Global production, global protest, 23-24 marzo

Global production, global protest

The regional dynamics of capital-labour relations

Stephanie Barrientos
Shifting South: decent work in regional value chains and South-South trade

Beverly Silver
Global Social Protest

Giuseppe Gabusi
The political economy of the Chinese Communist Party

Pietro Masina
Industrialization and labour in South-East Asia: the case of Vietnam

Roundtable discussion onΒ Research on world systems and global capital-labour relations

Contributions from

  • Lorenzo Bosi
  • Romane Cauqui
  • NicolΓ² Deiana
  • Dario Di Conzo
  • Silvia Frosina
  • Lorenzo Lodi
  • Vincenzo Maccarrone
  • Andriy Maliuk
  • Guglielmo Meardi
  • Mario Pianta
  • Nicola Quondamatteo

Entrance will be allowed up to the maximum capacity of the room